2018 Holiday Campaign


The holidays can be a magical time for some, filled with festive gatherings, family traditions and an abundance of food. But for many, it’s also a painful time because budgets are already tight and nutritious food is scarce. Even here in Silicon Valley, hunger will take a seat at too many tables this holiday season.

Second Harvest is serving more people than ever before – an average of 260,000 kids, families and seniors every month. That’s because the cost of housing has skyrocketed with the booming economy, while wages have remained relatively flat for many. It’s what we call the Silicon Valley hunger paradox – as the economy grows, so does the number of people who need food.

Offleash is excited to fundraise on behalf of Second Harvest this holiday season, furthering our mission to seek purpose and facilitate a culture of stewardship and responsibility.

With your support, every dollar donated will create two nutritious meals for those in need and help to ensure that we all have the food we need to fully engage in our lives, no matter who we are or what table we sit at this holiday season.

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