Help vulnerable neighbors during the COVID-19 crisis

Las Madres

As Santa Clara County deals with the COVID-19 public health crisis, some of our neighbors need extra help.

One of our Sunnyvale/Santa Clara Las Madres members recently met a mother and her two children when she offered them a ride from a bus stop where they stood waiting, getting wet from the rain to one of the Salvation Armys in San Jose for a hot meal.

Las Madres member: “I felt like her eyes were searching me for some kind of judgement before she accepted the ride. She seemed embarrassed, but so thankful as she said they rely on school for lunch. She insisted that her kids always have dinner, though. What shook me is that I just never would’ve imagined if I ran into them at Target or somewhere that they would be in need of food.”

With many families relying on free or subsidized food, we’re asking for your financial support to help Second Harvest respond to the increased need throughout our communities.

Giving just $5, we can help make sure families who need healthy meals can get one. Every dollar helps secure and distribute 10 meals to our neighbors facing hunger.

Thank you for your efforts in this great endeavor during such uncertain times! Let our virtual food drive connect us all with each other and with the very important work Second Harvest is doing to feed families.

Many thanks —
Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups Inc


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